TER Live Event: BYOD Policy Forum – 25 March, 5:00pm

The first ever TER Live event is now confirmed and open for registration! The details are outlined in the graphic below, and you can click here for registration. The event is open to all teachers, school leader or those interested in technology in schools. The forum will revolve largely around Q & A, so the more people, and the more questions, the better!

The events will be recorded for a TER Podcast special to be released shortly after, so for those outside the Sydney area, you’ll still get access to the content – and if you can’t attend but would still like to ask a question, you can email your questions before hand to info@terpodcast.com

UPDATE: Two of Google’s Apps Aficionados, Jill Sill and Ken Shelton, are visiting form the US and will be attending the forum, and we will be giving them time to talk about Apps in Education. Click Here for more information about the guest speakers.

BYOD forum

Here are some of the questions already being asked by early registrants:

  • How are schools addressing the equity issue?
  • What are the main issues that arrise due to different types of devices and platforms being used for a) the students and b) the teachers
  • For those high schools that have implmented BYOD, how are they sharing/collaborating/providing feedback accross platforms and devices whilst waiting for Google Apps to be rolled out?
  • How wide spread is BYOD across public schools?
  • What strategies should schools implement to support the security of BYO devices?
  • What expectations change when students supply devices instead of the government? What level of usage should be assured by schools when they expect parents to purchase a device?
  • How to provide for the welfare and equity aspects of BYOD, ie students whose parents can’t/won’t provide a device and students who only have access to a device that has limited capability?
  • What to do about parents who, despite all advice, purchase a device that will not connect to the nswdet wifi?
  • Thoughts on the use of a student helpdesk system to support BYOD implementation, in conjunction with a paid tech (we are extending the contract of our TSO to become BYOD support)