TER #041 – How teachers can engage with research, with Tom Bennett – 08 Feb 2015


Main Feature: Tom Bennett, founder of ResearchEd in the UK, speaks about the ways that teachers can engage with research to improve their teaching practice.

Regular Features: Off Campus, Dan Haesler talks about wellbeing programs in schools; Education in the News, Cameron and Corinne talks about issues in Vocational Education; NEW FEATURE, Annabel Astbury discusses educational games on ABC Splash; Teachers Brains Trust, Conelle Batty discusses blogging and the educational community.

Have your say: How do you engage with research in your teaching practice? or how would you LIKE to engage with research? Leave us your response here.



00:00 – Opening Credits

01:19 – Intro

01:57 – Off Campus with Dan Haesler

08:57 – Education in the News

31:39 – ABC Splash

38:51 – Teachers’ Brains Trust

45:31 – Main Feature introduction

47:46 – Interview with Tom Bennett

01:10:32 – Discussion – Teachers using research

01:36:52 – Quote and Sign Off


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