TER #046 – Project Based Learning with David Price, OBE – 03 May 2015



Cameron is coming to Brisbane in late May/early June. If you have an idea for a person, person to be interviewed about an interesting project, event or idea in education, then send us your suggestion here!

Main Feature: Cameron and Corinne catch up with David Price, OBE, to discuss Project Based Learning, and the potential impact it can have on student learning, schools and communities.

Regular Features: Education in the news, Cameron and Corinne discuss NAPLAN marking and industrial issues; Spotlight on Special Education, Tim Connell discusses Universal Design for Learning.



00:00 – Opening Credits

01:19 – Intro

07:29 – Education in the news

36:40 – Spotlight on Special Education

43:48 – Feature Introduction

46:33 – Feature Interview, David Price, OBE, on Project Based Learning

01:22:13 – Discussion

01:40:06 – Announcements

01:42:11 – Quote and Sign Off

One thought on “TER #046 – Project Based Learning with David Price, OBE – 03 May 2015

  1. Thank you so much for this podcast series. It is such a great service. I am making a midlife career change into teaching (I am a chiropractor and counsellor) and am making great use of your podcasts to bring me up to speed on the many facets of the profession I will soon be entering. I have listening to everything I can get my hands on by Eric Mazur whom you mentioned in one of your recent podcasts and I am so glad I discovered him through you.
    In your interview with Tim Connell (episode #046) he mentioned a school in the UK that did this amazing turnaround in a three-year span. I know it is unhealthy to get too starry-eyed by the seemingly overnight successes that are out there, but I would still love to know a bit more about that school, its principal and what happened. Unfortunately no matter how many times I listen back to that part of the interview I still can’t quite make out the name of the school. Can you help me?

    Keiran Shanahan.

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