TER #050 – Social Justice & Drama Pedagogy with Michael Finneran – 28 June 2015


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Main Feature: Dr. Michael Finneran from the University of Limerick discusses the power of Drama Pedagogy for teaching students about social justice issues and it’s use across the curriculum.

Regular Features: Education in the news, Corinne and Cameron discuss federal education of government schools.

TER #049 – Innovating with technology in the classroom with Gary Stager – 14 June 2015


Main Feature: Recorded live at Intel’s VIVID Sydney event on May 25th, Dr. Gary Stager’s presentation entitled CREATING AND INNOVATING WITH TECHNOLOGY IN THE CLASSROOM.

Regular Features: Off Campus, Dan Haesler discusses the issue of Cheating in education; Education in the News; Spotlight on Special Education, Tim Connell discusses Social & Emotional Learning. Continue reading