TER #050 – Social Justice & Drama Pedagogy with Michael Finneran – 28 June 2015


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Main Feature: Dr. Michael Finneran from the University of Limerick discusses the power of Drama Pedagogy for teaching buy viagra europe students about social justice issues and it’s use across the curriculum.

Regular Features: Education in the news, Corinne and Cameron discuss federal education of government schools.

TER #049 – Innovating with technology in the classroom with Gary Stager – 14 June 2015


Main Feature: Recorded live at Intel’s VIVID Sydney event on May 25th, Dr. Gary Stager’s presentation entitled CREATING AND INNOVATING WITH TECHNOLOGY IN THE CLASSROOM.

Regular Features: Off Campus, Dan Haesler discusses the issue of Cheating in education; Education in the News; Spotlight on Special Education, Tim Connell discusses Social & Emotional Learning. Continue reading