Share your stories for National GONSKI week!

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26-31 October 2015 is NATIONAL GONSKI WEEK, and TER Podcast wants to include your stories in our Gonski week special episode!

If you’ve got stories of educational success due to increased funding in schools then please share your story with us, to be included in our Gonski special episode, to be released on 31 October.

If you don’t have a story to share, then instead please tell us your answer to the question “Why does Gonski matter for our students?”

How to share your story:

  • From your smartphone, tablet, or laptop (any device with an internet connection and microphone) – click this link┬áto go to our online voicemail system.
  • If you have your own recording device (or want to use the native recorder on your smart phone!) then send your recording to with the subject “Gonski Story”.

What to share:

When sharing your story, in the interests of privacy and propriety, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Only use your first name. (“Hi, I’m Cameron…”)
  • Tell us the type of school you work in, and the area of Australia. (“…and I teach in a public high school in South-Western Sydney, NSW…”)
  • Tell us a story of something your school has or is doing as a result of increased funding – or something you’re planning to do with future increases – and the outcomes for students (current or anticipated) that are coming from this program.
  • Aim for a maximum of 90 seconds in length.

And once you’ve done that, don’t forget to register your support for Gonski at

That’s it! Nice and simple. We look forward to hearing from you as part of the TER Podcast GONSKI Week special!


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