TER #080 – ACE National Conference with Ollie Lovell – 30 Oct 2016


00.00 Opening Credits
01:19 Intro
02:05 Off Campus – Dan Haesler

13:08 Conferences and School Culture
19:41 Spotlight on Special Education
22:01 Feature Intro – Ollie Lovell

28:48 Interview – Diane Mayer
32:30 Interview – Shirley Randell
45:17 Interview – Theresa Ardler
51:26 Interview – Eren Canavan
55:28 Discussion

1:05:20 Announcements
1:06:12 Quote & Sign Off

One thought on “TER #080 – ACE National Conference with Ollie Lovell – 30 Oct 2016

  1. I agree wholeheartedly about Dan’s assessment of Baroness Susan Greenfield’s presentation at EduTech 2016. The fact that her presentation hasn’t changed for seven years finally makes sense of something that annoyed me with her presentation.

    I am a IT teacher who is responsible for the integration of IT into the classroom. I am also a gamer and have used successfully used games in the classroom. Consequently, I closely follow neurological and psychological research in relation to technology and games. For all the research presented by the Baroness, I knew of research which contradicts, or at least qualifies, the information she was presenting. Her failure to acknowledge this body of research undermined her authority for me.

    What I am more concerned about is that it promoted a skewed interpretation of the impact of technology on adolescents. An interpretation that reinforced many of the biases that I have to work against. Conversations with colleagues who all attended the keynote reinforced these concerns.

    So thank-you Dan for confirming that I wasn’t the only one who was disappointed by her presentation.

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