TER #085 – 1to1 Laptops in Science with Simon Crook – 5 Feb 2017


Main Feature: Simon Crook discusses his recent PhD thesis exploring the impact of 1-1 laptop programs on teaching high school science.

Regular Features: Off Campus, Dan Haesler asks ‘is mindset a lie’?; Education in the News, Cameron considers issues of teacher attrition; Teachers Brains Trust, David from WA questions reports of mandatory tests for WA primary school students.

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00.00 Opening Credits
01:19 Intro – A hot start to the year!
02:52 Off Campus – Is mindset a lie?

15:47 Teacher Attrition

42:17 Teachers Brains Trust – School Exams in WA

46:27 Feature Introduction
48:17 Interview – Simon Crook

1:25:15 Announcements

1:28:42 Quote & Sign Off

One thought on “TER #085 – 1to1 Laptops in Science with Simon Crook – 5 Feb 2017

  1. Just listened to this episode while studying tonight (TER #085 – 1to1 Laptops in Science with Simon Crook – 5 Feb 2017).
    During the summer semester in January, the GU pre-service cohort did an assignment on “CURRENT ISSUES IN SECONDARY SCHOOLING” I chose teacher retention & called it “From Burning Passion, To Burning Out; What’s happening to our new teachers?”
    It was very satisfying to hear you re-iterate many of the topics I presented in my assignment. It’s such a relief to have confirmation I am on the right track.
    Thanks for a great local resource.
    Reyn Adsett, future Physics/Maths teacher.

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