TER #070 – TPL & Professional Identity with Deborah Netolicky – 15 May 2016


Regular features: Off Campus, Dan Haesler discusses the Growth Mindsent; Cameron discusses the recent workcover decision on workplace stress; Spotlight on Special Education, Tim Connel discusses school refusal

Main Feature: Dr Deborah Netolicky discusses her PhD research into the relationship between teachers’ professional learning and professional identity.

00.00 Opening Credits
01:19 Intro – ICTENSW buy viagra delhi Conference
03:25 Off Campus with Dan Haesler
12:30 Workcover decision re workplace stress

Telephone counselling

24:59 Spotlight on Special Education
33:17 Feature Introduction
35:02 Interview – Deborah Netolicky

1:01:38 Thoughts on Professional Learning
1:09:05 Quote & Sign Off

TER #058 – Whole-School Blended Learning with Peter West – 15 Nov 2015


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Main Feature: Peter West, director of eLearning at Saint Stephen’s College in Qld, talks about their whole-school approach to blended learning, and the process of implementing their whole-school approach.

Regular Features: Cameron and Corinne discuss: Issue in vocational education; the idea of a national school starting age; recent federal online pharmacy cheap viagra court ruling on Victorian school laptop scheme.

Links & Timecodes:

00:00 – Opening Credits

01:19 – Intro

01:41 – Vocational education funding

17:54 – Federal Court ruling on Victorian laptop scheme

27:35 – National school starting age

45:43 – Feature Intro

47:46 – Interview – Peter West

01:34:10 – Announcements

01:35:13 – Quote & sign off

TER #055 – The London Challenge with Prof Sir George Berwick – 04 Oct 2015



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Each year, Social Ventures Australia hold their Education Dialogue day, bringing together people from all different sectors of society to discuss issues facing education in Australia with a particular focus on improving educational outcomes for disadvantaged students. One of the keynote speakers at the 2015 event was Prof. Sir George Berwick, CEO of Challenge Partners UK, and formerly cheap viagra 100mg online Principal of Ravens Wood School in Bromley. In this extended special interview, Sir George discusses the period of growth and success of London schools during the period of the London Challenge.



  • 00:00 – Opening Credits
  • 01:18 – Intro
  • 01:34 – Social Ventures Australia Education Dialogue
  • 16:42 – Interview with Prof. Sir George Berwick
  • 01:10:07 – Discussion
  • 01:18:28 – Quote and Sign Off

TER #052 – School Leadership with Dr Leoni Degenhardt – 26 July 2015

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Main Feature: Dr Leoni Degenhardt, Dean of the Association of Independent Schools Leadership Centre, discusses issues around school leadership and ways to ensure future school leaders are better able to meet demands of the role.

Regular Features: Off Campus, Dan Haesler compares the responses of Finland and Australia to lower PISA results; Spotlight on Special Education, Tim Connel discusses key principals for effective learning support teams in schools; Cameorn and Corinne certified online pharmacy viagra discuss the idea of for profit schools and reports of the use of Direct Instruction in Aboriginal communities.

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