TER #059 – University Secondments for Teachers – 29 Nov 2015


Regular Features: Dan Haesler shares insights following his recent trip to the BETT Asia Leadership Summit in Singapore in a new Off Campus; Cameron provides updates on the prosecutions related to abuse of VET FEE Help loans.

Special Feature: Donelle Batty interviews teachers who have undertaken secondments to University to teach pre-service teachers, purchase viagra online australia exploring the benefits to students and to teachers own perspectives and practice as a result.

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Timecodes and Links

00:00 – Opening Credits

01:19 – Intro

02:12 – Off Campus with Dan Haesler

09:47 – Update: VET-FEE Help prosecutions

12:12 – Feature intro

13:54 – Donelle Batty Intro

18:41 – Interview – David Shorter

41:50 – Interview – Wendy Wilson

01:04:38 – Interview – Michelle Hinds

01:23:00 – Conclusion


TER Live #008 – TeachMeet @ EduTech


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In June, Corinne travelled to Brisbane for EduTech 2015, and recorded presentations from the Teachmeet event held on the floor of the convention room. Educators form around  Australia gathered to share stories of their educational practice. This podcast brings you a selection of recordings from 2 sessions of TeachMeet presentations held on Day 1 of Edutech. Continue reading

TER Live #007 – Teachmeet ENGAGE!


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In July 2015, TER Turned 2! As a way of celebrating, we held TeachMeet ENGAGE! and invited teachers to share their stories about engagement. This TER Live episode is the (mostly) unedited recording of those presentations.


  • 00:00 – Opening Credits
  • 00:21 – Intro
  • 01:53 – Welcome to TeachMeet Engage!
  • 03:10 – Bron Stuckey [@Bronst] – Teacher reinvention makes the difference
  • 11:16 – Dan Haesler [@danhaesler] – Who are you? And when did you decide?
  • 18:26 – Celia Finne [@Drcjf] – Crossing the Divide: buy viagra online forum History transition stage 3 into 4
  • 29:24 – Donelle Batty [@dbatty1] – It’s not what it seems – Minecraft
  • 37:17 – Simon Harper [@s_harper3] – Edutech where no teacher has gone before (Make it so!)
  • 44:19 – Nick Jackson [@largerama] – (Engagement through Games)

  • 45:24 – Michael Ha [@nerdyphyseder] – How I met my EMMA
  • 51:23 – Nick Pastianas [@nickpastianas] – Student Perspective on Enagagement
  • 56:51 – Corinne Campbell [@corisel]
  • 01:03:12 – Cameron Malcher [@Capitan_Typo] – The Power of Play
  • 01:11:25 – Thanks and Closing Remarks
  • 01:16:25 – Sign Off


TER #047 – VR Hackathon Mini with Donelle Batty – 17 May 2015



Main Feature: Donelle Batty attends a VR Hackathon Mini for Middle School students, and speaks with participants, organisers and teachers involved in the event to find out the kind of learning that takes place in these events.

Regular Features: Off Campus, Dan Haesler questions the purpose of big educational events and conference; Education in the news, Stewart Riddle joins to discuss the implications of the 2015 federal budget for education; Teachers’ Brains trust, Giles cheap viagra paypal Pritchard discusses games to help teach literacy skills; Spotlight on Special Education, Tim Connell provides strategies to help teachers get started in meeting the needs of students. Continue reading

TER #041 – How teachers can engage with research, with Tom Bennett – 08 Feb 2015


Main Feature: Tom Bennett, founder of ResearchEd in the UK, speaks about the ways that teachers can engage online pharmacy viagra overnight shipping with research to improve their teaching practice.

Regular Features: Off Campus, Dan Haesler talks about wellbeing programs in schools; Education in the News, Cameron and Corinne talks about issues in Vocational Education; NEW FEATURE, Annabel Astbury discusses educational games on ABC Splash; Teachers Brains Trust, Conelle Batty discusses blogging and the educational community.

Have your say: How do you engage with research in your teaching practice? or how would you LIKE to engage with research? Leave us your response here.

Continue reading