About TER Podcast

Teachers’ Education Review is a monthly fortnightly(!) podcast that takes a look at educational issues in Australia and around the world. Hosted by teachers from primary and secondary schools, we explore the implications of educational policies, teaching practices, and international events that impact on teaching and learning in Australian classrooms.

All opinions and views expressed in this podcast are those of the individual speakers only, and do not represent the views of their employers or any organisation with which they may be associated.

The show is hosted by:

Cameron Malcher – Head Teacher of English/Drama at a NSW public high school, Cameron is currently working his way through a Masters of Education Psychology with a particular interest in the link between language development and thought, and teaching critical thinking and creativity in the classroom. Cameron tweets as @Capitan_Typo and takes a much more satirical look at (mostly) educational issues on his blog at www.capitantypo.com. You can email Cameron at cameron@terpodcast.com

Corinne Campbell – Assistant Principal at a NSW public primary school. Corinne tweets as @corisel and maintains her blog ‘about teaching’ at http://aboutteaching.wordpress.com. You can email Corinne at Corinne@terpodcast.com

From February 2014, each regular fortnightly episode follows a regular format comprising some or all of the regular segments listed below.

Occasional special episodes may be produced independently of the fortnightly schedule or the format below. Specials may include extended reports from educational events, special lectures or presentations, or additional interviews or content that can’t be fit into regular episodes.

Regular Features:

AITSL’s Teacher Feature: Each fortnight, TER hosts content form AITSL’s teacher feature, where teachers from around Australia answer questions about issues in education, reflect on their own teaching practice, or offer advice to other teachers. Also visit the official site at www.teacherfeature.aitsl.edu.au

Education in the News + Analysis: Cameron & Corinne give a summary of the major news stories in education from around Australia, offering further insight and opinion about one or more of the more significant stories.

‘Off Campus’ with Dan Haesler: Education writer and consultant Dan Haesler offers his thoughts on a current issue in education. Dan’s work can also be found at www.danhaesler.com

Teachers’ Brains Trust: This segment focuses on practical ideas and strategies that teachers can implement in their classroom. Content is drawn from all over the educational landscape, including sessions recorded from TeachMeets, interviews with teachers trying out new or interesting things, or from people we meet as part of producing TER Podcast.

Main Feature: Each episode Cameron and Corinne review a topic relevant to education, with interviews and discussion to explore and explain matters in more detail.

Mystery Educator: Our ongoing competition – each episode we provide a clue to the identity of a prominent educator and ask listeners to guess who they are. Each round of the competition sees a TER Podcast coffee mug up for grabs to the first person to send us a correct answer via twitter or email.

Announcements: If there are any upcoming events or important information to be distributed, this is where it will be.

Educational Quote: We like to end every episode with a thought provoking quote about education, so that at least if we haven’t said anything particularly inspiring, we can leave you with someone else’s words of wisdom.

5 thoughts on “About TER Podcast

  1. Dear Corrine and Cameron,
    I’ve only just discovered your podcast. What a wonderful resource! Thankyou to you and your team for an outstanding Program. I feel like I’m back in the wider Education community again. It’s easy to get totally consumed in your own school’s day to day business. Thankyou for reigniting my enthusiasm for this wonderful profession.
    Best wishes
    Warren Keel

    • Hi Warren,

      Thanks for your feedback! We’re glad the podcast has some value and hope that we can keep providing you with access to new and interesting ideas in education.

  2. Hi Corinne and Cameron
    Great podcast. I am going to buy the Stupidity Paradox! I get a lot of enjoyment listening to the show on a personal and professional level. Couple of questions….
    Can you do a segment on Special Schools and Autism?
    Also are you two really Tim and Debbie?
    Thanks Emily

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