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  1. I would be very interested in participating in any of your discussions on school education in particular issues around academic achievement and it’s relationship to social class, the issue of class sizes and it’s impact on academic achievement.
    Dr David Zyngier Educaiton Faculty Monash University

  2. As I wrote my phd thesis on Student Engagement and have widely published in that area I would well placed to add some additional idea for class room teachers on your program especially my concepts of Pedagogical Reciprocity through CORE (Connecting, Owning, Responding and Empowering) Pedagogy.

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  4. Hey hey. I’m an Australian teacher working in Finland as a classroom teacher. I know there’s a lot of interest in this back home so I’m happy to have a chat.

  5. Hi guys,

    Thanks for all the effort you put in to these podcasts. I listen to them on my walk to work each morning and it gets me inspired and focussed for the day.

    In this last podcast, you mentioned a homework survey. I was wondering if you still have a copy of it that you could email me? At my school we have teachers who give homework because parents ask for it, but there is very little thought put in to it. I’d like to survey the parents to identify who exactly wants it and what access to technology they have. Any assistance would be appreciated, but if it’s too difficult to find, it’s not a problem.

    Also, you mentioned a little on teaching spelling in an alternative way to using lists. One of my school’s priority areas is improving spelling results. However, we still have teachers who teach to lists and think that differentiation is giving more or less words. Is it possible that you could do a podcast on how to teach spelling more effectively, with a focus on differentiating? I’d like to suggest it as a professional development session for my whole school next year.

    Thanks again for your efforts this year. I’m looking forward to hearing more interesting podcasts next year.


    • Hi Martin,

      Thanks for your message, and so glad you’re finding the podcast worth listening to.

      An episode on spelling is a great idea, thanks for the suggestion. I’ll see what we can put together on that for 2015

      As far as the survey goes, I’d be happy to send you a copy of our one. Drop me a line at corinne@terpodcast.com and I’ll send it out to you.

      Best wishes,

  6. Looking for a guest on your awesome podcast?

    I am eager to discuss being a guest on your fabulous education podcast. My book, Creativity is Everything, Rethinking Technology, Schools and Humanity became an international bestseller upon release back in January and I am doing a virtual book tour of sorts, aiming to help educators bring greater creativity to their classrooms.

    I hope to hear from you soon!

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