Ep 19 Update: With apologies to @DavidPriceOBE … and everyone else.

We know that our audience has high expectations of the show we put out every fortnight, and for good reason! We’re freakin’ fantastic.

But, we’re not too awesome to admit that sometimes we make mistakes. Well, Cameron makes mistakes. Corinne hasn’t admitted to any as yet.

So what did Cameron get wrong this time?

Well, in Episode 19 we were lucky enough to have David Price OBE as our guest, chatting about the ideas behind his book “Open: how we’ll work, live and learn in the future.” We recorded our feature in a seminar room at Chatswood library, which the library generously donated to us for the purpose. However the acoustics of the room were not so great for the purpose of recording audio and there was a lot of reverb coming off of the flat panel walls and large glass panes.

Cameron initially mixed down a preview version of the interview so that it could be listened to in the preparation of the episode, and then later spent some time editing the multi-track recording to minimise the amount of reverb that was audible in the recording, for a final product that was slightly more easy going on the ears than the original.

BUT… when compiling the final version of the episode…Cameron mixed in the wrong version of the interview! So the first people to access the podcast got the reverb-y, echo-y version of the David Price feature, NOT the slightly improved, minimally less echo-y version.


It’s all been sorted, and the version on the website now includes the improved feature (so if you were one of the 85 eager-beavers who downloaded Ep. 19 within 24 hours of it being posted, hold onto it, you now have a limited-edition TER recording!). Here is the updated episode in all it’s… glory?

So, y’know, sorry. Thanks for sticking with us, and we’ll keep trying to do better.

(Bloody hell I hope we don’t f**k something up at TER Live on Tuesday night!)

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