You can be a part of TER #100!


TER’s 100th episode is almost upon us, and we’re inviting every member of the TER audience to take part.

Our 100th episode will be “TeachMeet TER 100”, an entirely online TeachMeet made up of contributions from the TER Audience.

We’re inviting you to record and submit a presentation about teaching and learning of up to 7 minutes to be included as part of this online TeachMeet, to share your ideas about teaching with the TER listeners.

You don’t have to be a teacher to participate, but all presentations must be related to teaching and learning in a K-12 context. Check the guidelines below for more information about content.

Once you’ve recorded your piece, use this form to upload your piece, then sit back and wait for the awesome sharing of ideas that will be TeachMeet TER 100!

Further down this page you’ll find details on how to record and submit, and the kind of content we’re looking for, but here’s a summary to get you started:

  • You can record using your smartphone
  • Keep person/identifying information to a minimum (first name, state/location, current role)
  • Up to 7 minutes, any audio format, use highest recording quality possible
  • Focus on ideas relevant to teachers in schools, E.g. examples of teaching practice, implications or implementation of research, whole school initiatives, school curriculum or leadership strategies
  • Submit your content using this form, before 11:59 pm on Sunday, 24 September, 2017

If you have any further queries, please email

We look forward to your participation in TeachMeet TER 100!

  1. How to record

Recording it is easy!

  • Use your smartphone to make a recording using whatever inbuilt audio recording app you have (‘Voice memo’ on iPhone, or there’s a range of free recording apps for Android phones)
  • find a reasonably quiet place to record
  • keep the microphone about one stretched-hand-span in front of your mouth (you can hold it or put it on an elevated surface)
  • be aware of breathing into the microphone (letters like P, B and H can causes a rush of air that affects the recording)
  • speak in your natural speaking voice, like you were addressing a room (and don’t worry, your voice always sounds better than you think it does)
  • Record in any common audio format (MP3, WAV, AAC, etc) and where possible, use the highest quality setting available.

If you have access to additional recording equipment that you know how to use, then go for it, but don’t let equipment be a barrier to getting involved.

You might be surprised to know just how many TER feature interviews are recorded on smartphones! (Actually, we would be surprised as well, as we don’t keep count. But it’s a few!)

  1. What to record

If you’re looking for ideas about what constitutes a TeachMeet presentation, you can check out any one of our many TER Live episodes that feature recordings of TeachMeet events.

The primary audience for this event is teachers working in Primary or Secondary schools, so the kinds of things we’re looking for for TeachMeet TER 100 include:

  • Stories about successful classroom practice, school programs or other relevant programs (or lessons learned from unsuccessful attempts!)
  • Advice for teachers based on experience or research
  • Reviews of teaching programs, professional learning experiences, books or other publications teachers might find useful

What we can’t accept:

  • Contributions that primarily promote products or services
  • Opinion pieces divorced from practice
  • Criticisms of individuals, or content that contains potential slander, as determined by the producers.

Keep your recording focused on advice and stories of positive action in a teaching and learning context, and it should be fine!

The producers will be the ultimate arbiter of what is or is not included in the final podcast.

  1. What to say about yourself, your school and your students

In your recording, please don’t include any more than the following information about yourself:

  • Your name (first name only is acceptable, or your full name as it may appear in your twitter handle, or other public forums)
  • The state/region in which you teach/work
  • Your role in education

E.g. Hello, I’m Cameron, and I’m a high school English and Drama teacher in NSW.

When discussing your work, please talk about your school, workplace or students in general terms only. You should avoid including any personal information that may allow students or other teachers to be identified.

  1. How to submit

Once you have completed your recording, complete this submission form and upload your file to the link provided in the form.

The form requires you to provide some information for verification purposes, but nothing will be included in the podcast beyond the contents of your recording.

Once submitted, no further correspondence will be entered into, and producers of the TER Podcast reserve the right to edit any and all submissions for the sake of content, clarity or time.

5. And that’s it!

We look forward to sharing your ideas with the TER audience!

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