There is a huge number of online resources and communities that teachers can access to share ideas, find support, or help others. Below is a list of some of the ones that the hosts of TER Podcast are aware of and/or use regularly. We can offer no guarantee of the nature and quality of support or resources available, as many of these are active communities and constantly changing.

If you know of additional online communities or resources for teachers, email details fo

Teachers on Twitter

@edutweetoz – this account has a weekly rotation of hosts from all over the education space, and offers teachers a chance to connect and discuss issues in education. It is one of the most active online communities for teachers.

#PSTChat – This hashtag (short for ‘pre-service teachers chat’ is for teachers in training who wish to discuss issues and experiences on the road to becoming a teacher. There are dedicated sessions with experienced teachers as guest tweeters for PSTs to ask questions about education – these take place from 7:30pm every Tuesday.


AU 2 AZ – Australia to Arizona, this podcast contains conversations between a teacher in Victoria AUS, and in Arizona USA, discussing issues in education and the differences between the two countries’ approach to education.

Games in Schools and Libraries – This podcast is a joint production between an Australian teacher and an American librarian, both of whom make extensive use of board games and other games in their work. In this podcast they share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of educators.

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