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3 thoughts on “Subscribe to TER Podcast updates via Email

  1. Hi Cameron
    In your discussion of the recent episode (thanks – fantastic as usual), you referenced a speaker who referenced an OECD report around the problem of Policy evaluation – I am trying to track down that report – can you help?

  2. I am a subscriber to,and enthusiastic follower of, your excellent podcast. However, I am responding to comments by your guest about South Africa on your most recent podcast. I assume he is referring to the results of our school leaving examinations, known as “Matric” ( from matriculation certificate). Until recently the names of those who passed these exams were published in local newspapers, with the names of those who had not passed omitted. This is not the same as the situation described by John. However, for the last 2 or 3 years, at least in the Western Cape where I live and teach, names have not been published at all but only learners’ examination numbers.
    It may also be of interest to you that last year the national tests for numeracy and literacy administered by the National Education Department were not written at all due to pressure from teacher unions. We are still waiting to hear whether they will be written this year.

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