TER #051 – Computational Thinking with Meredith Ebbs – 12 July 2015

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Join us for our 2nd Anniversary at TeachMeet: Engage!

Main feature: Meredith Ebbs discusses computational thinking in an interview recorded at Edutech 2015.

Regular Features: Off Campus, Dan Haesler discusses the issue of ‘The System’ being a perceived obstacle to innovation; Education in the News, Cameron and Corinne discuss literacy and numeracy tests for teachers and the recent National Summit on Student Engagement.

Links and Timecodes:

00:00 – Opening

01:19 – Introduction

02:16 – Off Campus with Dan Haesler

10:56 – Education in the News

38:08 – Main Feature – Introduction

39:51 – Interview with Meredith Ebbs

55:47 – Discussion – Computational Thinking

01:09:34 – Announcements

01:10:56 – Quote and Sign Off

2 thoughts on “TER #051 – Computational Thinking with Meredith Ebbs – 12 July 2015

  1. Hi I am from Austria,
    I am looking for educators who are looking for innovative ways to integrate programming in their class.
    Innovative because the visual programming environment is used as augmentative to the topics, exercises and homework in a verity of different subjects.
    Visual programming specifically usable in topics of classes like math physics geography and others, even languages .
    Greetings from VIenna

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