TER Topics – Educational Research & Teaching


This TER Topics episode brings together feature interviews from episodes #89 and #107 of the TER Podcast.

The first interview is with Dr Charlotte Pezaro from April of 2017, discussing the implications and nuances of ‘Evidence Based Practice’, particularly as it applies to teaching. The second interview is with Dr Tanya Vaughan from February of 2018 in which she talks about implementation science, and outlines a framework for teachers to implement educational research as part of their teaching practice.


00:00 Opening Credits
00:34 Intro
01:45 Charlotte Pezzaro – Evidence Based Practice
45:02 Tanya Vaughan – Implementation Science
01:08:33 Sign Off

1 thought on “TER Topics – Educational Research & Teaching

  1. Good to hear Dr Pezaro have a sceptical attitude toward Hattie’s research. Unfortunately in Victorian schools we are not allowed to be sceptical about his 10 high impact teaching strategies, which dominate our professional development, staff performance review, interviews for a promotion,… I’ve collected over 50 peer reviews of his work and most teacher would be amazed at all the major mistakes they find, e.g. feedback – https://visablelearning.blogspot.com/p/feedback.html

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