3 thoughts on “TER #175 – Teacher Agency with Anna Sullivan – 09 July 2021

  1. Refreshing to hear qualitative research that values teachers experiences as distinct from this- “almost every teacher wants to get up and talk about their story, their anecdotes and their classrooms. We will not allow that, because as soon as you allow that, you legitimise every teacher in the room talking about their war stories, their views, their kids” John Hattie.

    Also, Anna’s emphasis on student wellbeing and happiness is really important as it if often forgotten. In Victoria, the Ed Dept lists 3 aims of Schooling – Achievement, Wellbeing and Engagement. Why do we focus on achievement?

    Be gr8 if you could get Alan Reid on to talk about his book – “Changing Australian Education
    How Policy is Taking Us Backwards and What Can Be Done About It.” It delves into these themes.

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