TER #225 – Neuroscience and School Leadership with Judi Newman – 26 July 2023

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Dr. Judi Newman discusses the relationship between neuroscience and schoool leadership.

Kolber’s Corner – Steven Kolber shares tips for creating word clouds without putting student data in the cloud.

Steven Kolber on Twitter

Ideology in Education – Tom Mahoney explores the role of ideology in the recent ITE report.

Tom Mahoney on Twitter

Education in the News – Cameron reviews the Stronger Beginnings ITE report and the reactions from teachers and others.


00:00:00 Opening Credits
00:01:31 Intro
00:04:05 Kolber’s Corner
00:07:27 Ideology in Education
00:16:53 Education in the News
00:38:42 Feature Introduction
00:40:59 Interview – Judi Newman
01:29:34 Patron Shout-Outs

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Feature Interview Transcript (unedited, prepared by Otter.Ai)

Click here for interactive transcript.

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