Episode #001 – July 2013 – PISA and Homework

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Overview: In this, the first episode of the Teacher’s Education Review, Cameron and Corinne discuss PISA Data as presented by OECD Education Advisor Dr. Andreas Schleicher, and take a look at the ever-controversial issue of homework.

Show notes

00:00 – Opening

00:21 – Welcome and Introduction

01:52 – Month In Review

04:58 – Transitions and sound effects

05:22 – Topic 1: PISA data presented by Dr. Andreas Schleicher at Sydney University on 5 July

06:50 – The issue of funding equity in PISA data

09:50 – Teacher Training vs. Class Sizes

12:00 – Issues with reporting in the media

15:30 – Results between public and private schools / Stratification of School Systems

18:15 – Topic 2: Homework

22:00 – Homework in high school

23:33 – Homework in primary school

26:50 – Homework & Equity

31:50 – Homework: the way forward

34:04 – End of Episode 1

  • “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandella

35:40 – Sign Off & Closing/Disclaimer

10 thoughts on “Episode #001 – July 2013 – PISA and Homework

  1. Reblogged this on About Teaching and commented:
    The Teachers Education Review is a new project I’m working on with Australian high school head teacher, Cameron Malcher. Each month we’ll be reviewing what’s been happening in Australian education and teasing out particular issues through a panel discussion. Our first episode examines PISA and Homework. Episode 2 will look at the Gonski education funding reforms.

    Please give us your opinions, feedback and ideas for future episodes at TERpodcast.com

  2. Interesting to hear your views on issues relevant in schools today. I will look forward to episode 2 and the discussion on new funding arrangements.

    • Hi Dan, Thank you for your feedback. I’m glad you found it interesting. We’re looking forward to episode 2 as well. We’re hoping to include a couple of interesting interviews.

  3. very informative and nicely delivered. Corinne, I wonder how the flipped classroom model could change the vale of student time spent on school work at home? I’ve tweeted the podcast.

    • Hi Lauren, thank you so much for the feedback.

      My guess is the flipped classroom would go a long way towards helping students value that part of their homework, as they’d need to do it to participate in class. I do wonder how people get around the equity issues with flipped classrooms. I imagine it could be difficult for some students to access. I’d love to hear from people who are doing it.

  4. Hi Cameron and Corinne,
    I don’t usually listen to podcasts (I’m usually a text or video learner) but I did enjoy listening to your podcast. You chose as your subjects some of my favourite bugbears about education: inequity, the private system not outperforming the public but pulling out the middleclass, and homework. That smh article particularly annoyed me with its focus on teachers rather than inequity. I really like the way you signposted what you would be talking about with the time so that people could chose what parts to listen to and the way you provided links to what you were talking about. Also the ability to share to Facebook and Twitter is appreciated. Very professional!

  5. Congratulations on your first podcast. It is a great initiative and very professional in its presentation. I am sure that this will grow to be much more than one per month.

    • Thanks, Bruce! Appreciate the feedback. You are correct about scheduling. We are already planning to release episode 2 next weekend and aim for fortnightly episodes. There’s just too much content for monthly!

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