Episode #003 – 11 August 2013 – Education in the Election


00:00 – Intro and Welcome

01:25 – Education in the News

  • Principal Health and Well-being Survey Reuslts
  • (U.S.) Florida state education commissioner resigns amid controversy.
  • Australian Federal Coalition change position on School Funding.
  • Victorian State Government sign up for Better Schools Funding Deal
  • Queensland Government announce willingness to sign up for Better Schools
  • Western Australian government releases state budget

04:50 – Overview of Labor Party Education Election Platform.

06:38 – Overview of Coalition Education Election Platform

08:50 – Interview with AEU President Angelo Gavrielatos

15:02 – Comparison of Coalition funding offer to ‘Better Schools’

17:48 – Details of Federal Govt. agreement with Victorian Govt. on school funding.

20:00 – Discussion of Qld. Govt. offer to sign ‘Better Schools’ deal

21:30 – Western Australia: Education and the budget

23:15 – Outline of the Australian Greens Education Election Platform

25:25 – TAFE funding in the election

29:15 – School Chaplaincy Program & School Exemption from Anti-Discrimination Laws

31:20 – Summary of major party platforms

32:20 – Panel Discussion about Education in the Election

38:12 – ABC Vote Compass

42:35 – Outline of topic for Ep 4

43:30 – Sign off & Quote

  • Bob Brown (former leader of Australian Greens) “Australia must prioritise education spending. It is not a question of whether or not we have the money. It is a question of how we choose to spend it.”

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