Episode #004a – 25 August 2013 – Independent Public Schools, Part 1

In episode 4, part 1, we discuss Independent Public Schools, focusing on the Western Australian model that is the basis of the Federal Coalition’s education election platform. We speak with NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli about his rejection of the model, and how IPS is different from current NSW govt. policies regarding school management. We also speak to Anne Gisborne, President of the State Schools Teacher’s Union of Western Australia, about the University of Melbourne review into the first few years of IPS in WA, and the experiences of teachers in WA not represented in that report.

Show notes:

00:00 – Intro and Welcome

02:34 – Education in the News

04:40 – Independent Public Schools

04:40 – Recent social media reaction to Federal Liberal party policy re: Independent public Schools

06:35 – What are Independent Public Schools

08:13 – Interview with NSW Education Minister Adrian Piccoli about his rejection of the WA Independent Public School model.

13:16 – Discussion of Independent Public Schools, WA/NSW Comparison

16:17 – Interview with SSTUWA President Anne Gisborne

16:46 – Response to Melbourne University review of WA IPS

18:00 – Disparity of IPS management in WA schools

20:02 – Concern over dismissive approach to increased workload

22:14 – Lack of connection between IPS model and student learning outcomes.

24:38 – Protections around curriculum under IPS model.

28:35 – Lack of support for rural and remote areas under IPS model

32:07 – Cut backs in WA education system accompanying IPS implementation

34:57 – Closing remarks, the nature and purpose of Public Education.

37:55 – Quote and sign off. “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they will never sit in” – Greek proverb.

38:16 – Closing credits & contact info

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