Episode #005 – 08 September 2013 – Connected Learning

In Episode 5 we discuss Connected Learning and its impact on teaching and teacher professional development, including interviews with Professor Alec Couros about the relationship between connectivity and teaching. We also speak to educator and writer Dan Haelser about the rise of BYOD policies in school as a way of providing access to technology and the internet for learning.

Alec Couros on Twitter – Dan Haesler’s website

An improved version of this episode was uploaded on 18/09/2013. Here is the original version:

Show Notes

00:00 – Intro and Welcome

01:10 – Education in the News

  • Australian Election results & summary of major party election platforms
  • Chinese government officials indicate plans to reduce homework and testing
  • OECD PISA results rank Australia as equal 4 in the world for ‘all rounders’, students who excel in all tested areas.
  • Pennant Hills High School forced to withdraw claims that Christian Studies was a mandatory subject
  • 51 year old high school teacher jailed following multiple sexual encounters with a 15 year old student
  • Teachers, Parents and Principals in WA come together to protest large cuts to education spending.
  • Tony Abbott says that the National Curriculum for History ‘need a rethink’ to include greater focus on western society and conservative Prime-Ministers, and less focus on trade unions.
  • Mexico City: Tens of thousands of teachers march in protest of new labor laws that allow automatic firing of teachers under strict evaluation measures.
  •  ACARA announce that NAPLAN reports have been delayed due to use of an incorrect mean being used to compare results.
  • Malala Yousafzai receives Children’s Peace Prize in the Hague.

05:30 – Intro to ‘connected learning’

09:07 – Interview with Professor Alec Couros

09:07 – How is Social Media changing learning?

16:45 – The importance of open sharing

23:25 – The importance of creating citizens who are openly networked

31:28 – Controlling your digital footprint

37:30 – Advice for teachers starting out

46:13 – Role of technology in connected learning

50:19 – Interview with Dan Haelser re: BYOD policies

01.01:04 – Final thoughts & announcements.

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