Episode #011 – 01 Dec 2013 – Early Career Teachers, Special Episode

Early Career Teachers – Part 1

Early Career Teachers – Part 2

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In our Early Career Teachers’ Special, we talk to Pre-Service and Early Career Teachers about the challenges they face; we speak with AITSL General Manager, Edmund Misson about Accreditation; We feature the first “Off Campus”, a new segment by Dan Haesler; speak with Matthew Green about imanewteacher.com; and seek advice for early career teachers from educators from all over the place.

Links, show notes and timecode coming soon!

3 thoughts on “Episode #011 – 01 Dec 2013 – Early Career Teachers, Special Episode

  1. Hi guys, latecomer to the podcast. Have just started Grad Dip Ed in WA (I am 35!)

    Any notes from this episode available? Trying to prep myself as much as possible, and find people to talk to!

    Thanks for the podcast!

    • Hi Sarah,

      I didn’t realise the links for this section hadn’t been updated. Unfortunately I can’t seme to find my note spage for this episode at the moment, so i’m not sure what was meant to go on the page. If you have any specific questions you’d like to ask please feel free to post them here or email us at info@terpodcast.com

      Thanks for listening, and good luck with your studies!

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