TER Live #002 – Leadmeet, Educational Leadership Forum

In this second TER Live podcast, we present a selection of recordings from Leadmeent, an Educational Leadership forum held on May 29, 2014 at NSW Parliament House. This recording features 3 presentations from Leadmeet, as well as an interview with event organiser, Michelle Hostrup, and opening remarks made by NSW Education Minister, Adrian Piccoli.



00:00 – Opening Credits

00:21 – Introduction

00:56 – Interview with Michelle Hostrup, event organiser

09:01 – NSW Education Minister, Adrian Piccoli

12:39 – Preview of Recordings

13:18 – John Goh: “Innovation, it’s our job”

34:51 – Lou Deibe: “Coaching for collaboration”

56:54 – Dan Haesler: “Wellbeing and Leadership”

01:16:26 – Wrap up & Closing Credits

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