TER #028 – Student Wellbeing at School – 27 July 2014


Main Feature: Dr. Michael Carr-Greg talks about some of the mental health issues facing young people today, and the role that technology can play in help address those issues. Professor Ian Shochet, professor of clinical psychology at Queensland University of Technology, discusses in detail his research into school connectedness and its impact on mental health for adolescents.

Regular Features: Education in the News; Off Campus with Dan Haesler, Dan talks about what we lose when everyone wins; AITSL’s Teacher feature, Teachers talk about their reasons for joining the profession; Mystery Educator competition, a new puzzle!; Teachers’ Brains Trust, Simon Crook talks about the ‘lighter side of educational technology’ from Edutech 2014.

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00:00 – Opening Credits

01:19 – Discussion-  National Gonski Week

04:56 – Off Campus with Dan Haesler

11:43 – Education in the News

30:55 – AITSL’s Teacher Feature

34:25 – Teachers’ Brains Trust – Simon Crook

45:31 – Main Feature Intro

47:34 – Interview with Dr. Michael Carr-Greg

01:01:29 – Interview with Professor Ian Shochet

01:35:08 – Mystery Educator Comp.

01:37:28 – Announcements

01:38:56 – Quote & Sign Off

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