TER #096 – The Michaela School (UK) with Katharine Birbalsingh – 23 July 2017


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Main Feature: In a special edition of Off Campus, Dan Haesler speaks with Katharine Birbalsingh, the Principal/Head Teacher of the controversial Michaela Community School in the UK.

Regular Features: Education in the News, Cameron reviews a story about mandatory student participation in Victorian school councils. Tom Gordon talks about his work as a science communicator for the University of Sydney, and his podcast, STEMpunk

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00.00 Opening Credits
01:19 Student Voice and School Governance
18:22 Tom Gordon – STEMpunk Podcast

41:27 Feature Introduction
43:39 Dan Haesler – Off Campus

45:11 Katharine Birbalsingh – Interview
1:22:40 Comments
1:31:19 Announcements – TMWooly
1:31:50 Quote & Sign Off

1 thought on “TER #096 – The Michaela School (UK) with Katharine Birbalsingh – 23 July 2017

  1. Dan, you’re far more polite than I would have been in that interview!

    I’m sorry, but stating outright that “our children aren’t anxious” and that “all schools should be doing what we’re doing”, let alone when your school has been in existence FOR ONLY THREE YEARS, is not really being circumspect nor balanced. Not that I can see into the future, but let’s see if her words will come back to bite her when Michaela has been around for TEN years (if, indeed, it makes it that far).

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