TER #146 – Introducing: The Leadership Team – 16 Feb 2020


Main Feature: Introducing a new regular segment – The Leadership Team, with Amanda Heffernan and Fiona Longmuir – throughout 2020 they’ll be interviewing academics and educational leaders about the research and experiences of leaders in schools and education systems.

Regular Feature: Kolber’s Korner – Steven Kolber discusses the organisation Teachers without Borders and their work in Cambodia.

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00:00 – Opening Credits
01:31 – Intro
03:08 – Kolber’s Corner

10:34 – Feature Introduction
11:26 – The Leadership Team

36:12 – Sign Off

2 thoughts on “TER #146 – Introducing: The Leadership Team – 16 Feb 2020

  1. Thank you , i look forward to your analysis of Leadership in Education. An aspect i’m interested in is the seeming disconnect between the motivations of Principles & Leaders, versus those of students, parents and teachers.Will you delve into any of these areas? I was reading a book – WHAT *SHOULD* WE BE WORRIED ABOUT? a series of short essays by more than 100 prominent people. Many essays were about things you’d expect – war, climate, disease. But i stumbled on Sam Harris’s – “The Power Of Bad Incentives.” This seemed to give some glimpse into the motivation problem. Harris concludes – “We need systems that are wiser than we are. We need institutions and cultural norms that make us better than we tend to be. It seems to me that the greatest challenge we now face is to build them.” Full essay here – https://www.edge.org/response-detail/23781

    • Thanks for your comment George. I had a look at that essay and it is really interesting when thinking about challenges facing schools and the ways the ‘connect’ with the needs of young people and communities in our modern times. I hope that you find our future episodes which will include interviews with a variety of people, interesting around this topic. Keep in touch! (Twitter – @LongmuirFiona)

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