Episode #002a – 27 July 2013 – Gonski, part 1

In this episode we discuss the history of the Gonski review and the new Better Schools funding legislation. We also  interview Melbourne University Academic Bronwyn Hinz about the details of the Better Schools legislation.

Show notes

00:00 – Opening & Introduction

  • Reflection on response to Ep. 001
  • We are on iTunes! – Click Here
  • Plans for future episodes: TER goes fortnightly!

02:48 – Education in the News

05:18 – ‘Better Schools’, a.k.a. Gonski

06:22 – History of Gonski

7:55 – Interview with Bronwyn Hinz

  • Issues with previous federal funding model
  • Details of new funding arrangements
  • Liberal party ‘business as usual’ policy
  • Concerns over new regulations

18:35 – Panel discussion about Gonski

  • State concerns over increased federal control
  • Western Australia’s objections, Rudd’s response
  • Increased focus on teacher professional development
  • NSW Experience, NSW Institute of Teaching and Great Teaching Inspired Learning
  • Uses of increased funding in school

26:49 – Preview of Part 2

27:30 – Quote and Farewell

27:48 – Closing credits / music.

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