TER #222 – Inclusive teaching for Neurodivergent Students – 07 June 2023

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Creating an inclusive classroom environment that supports all learners is an ongoing challenge of teaching. Dr. Erin Leif and Dr. Russ Fox discuss the concept of neurodiversity, how it affects student learning, and what strategies teachers can put in place to support the needs of neurodivergent students in mainstream classrooms.

Dr. Erin Leif’s profile

Dr. Russ Fox’s profile

Kolber’s Corner – Steven Kolber shares AI tools for simplfying and summarising complex texts.

Steven Kolber on Twitter

Ideology in Education – Tom Mahoney considers interruptive pedagogy and how teachers can react to having ideas challenges.

Tom Mahoney on Twitter

Education in the News – Cameron unpacks the federal government’s new review into education that is inviting submissions until 23 June.

Review to Inform a Better and Fairere Education System


00:00 Opening Credits
01:31 Intro
07:05 Kolber’s Corner
14:06 Ideology in Education
23:09 Education in the News
43:36 Feature Introduction
46:52 Interview – Erin Leif & Russ Fox
01:12:21 Sign Off

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TER #221 – Needs-Focused Teaching with Rob Plevin – 25 May 2023

Classroom management and student engagemement are perenial topics of interest in education. In this episode, Rob Plevin discusses how he addresses this issues through his Needs Focused teaching method.


Kolber’s Corner – Steven Kolber gives tech-tips on how to ensure resources match students’ reading age.

Steven Kolber on Twitter

Ideology in Education – Tom Mahoney discusses how the rise of AI exposes some of the ideoloogical assumptions of education and teaching practices.

Tom Mahoney on Twitter

Education in the News – Cameron dicusses a news story and academic paper on the financial issues affecting the teacher workforce.

‘We can no longer justify unpaid labour’: why uni students need to be paid for work placements

90 per cent of teachers can’t afford to live where they teach: study


00:00 Opening Credits
01:31 Intro
05:49 Kolber’s Corner
12:50 Ideology in Education
24:55 Education in the News
43:25 Feature Introduction
45:45 Interview – Rob Plevin
01:14:35 Patron Shout-Outs

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TER Topics – Social Development and Schooling

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In this edition of TER Topics we present two interviews that explore issues of young people’s social development and it’s interaction with schooling.

The first interview is about research into teaching children social responsibility with Jophnathon Santo, from TER #179, in September of 2021.

The second interview is about social-emotional instruction with Rebecca Collie, from TER #188 in January of 2022.

00:00 Opening Credits
00:34 Intro
01:36 Interview – Jonathon Santo
28:52 Interview – Rebecca Collie
58:50 Sign off

TER Topics – Neurosequential Model in Education

In this edition of TER Topics we present two interviews that the theory and practice of the Neu sequential Model in Education, which is a developmentally informed, biologically respectful approach to working with at-risk children.

The first interview is with Steve Graner and Jessica Pfeiffer of the Neurosequential network in the USA, forst presented in episode #189 in February 2022

The second interview is with NSW school principal Patrick Faucher about his work implementing the model in schools, from TER #203 in August of 2022.

00:00 Opening Credits
00:34 Intro
02:05 Interview – Steve Greaner & Jessica Pfeiffer
43:52 Interview – Patrick Faucher
01:33:33 Sign Off

TER #200 – 9th Anniversary Q&A with Cameron Malcher and Steven Kolber – 6 July 2022

Main Feature: In this 9th Anniversary special, Cameron Malcher and Steven Kolber respond to questions from the TER Audience!

00:00 – Opening Credits
01:31 – Intro
04:41 – David Hardie – Music and Food!
08:04 – Mark Parry – Advice about podcasting
23:48 – Mark Parry – Reflecting on issues from TER #001
44:19 – Kelli McGraw – Analytics and the TER Audience
01:01:02 – Dick Faber – Teacher supply issues
01:09:47 – Mark Parry – Changes in Technology
01:22:49 – Olivier Elzingre – Victorian EBA
01:35:56 – Carolyn Newall – National Curriculum Issues
01:50:26 – Peter Gartside – Trends in Leadership Discourse in Education
02:07:59 – TER Top 5 to date
TER Topics – Ideology in Education
TER #180 – The Power of Play with Pasi Sahlberg – 15 Sept 2021
TER #182 – 2021 ACEL NSW Awards Showcase – 13 Oct 2021
TER #177 – The Act of Leadership with Dan Haesler – 04 Aug 2021
TER #181 – Productive Failure with Manu Kapur – 29 Sept 2021

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TER #199 – Effects of Class Streaming with Olivia Johnston – 22 June 2022

Main Feature: Olivia Johnston discusses her research into student perceptions of the eperience of class streaming; Deb Netolicky talks about her new podcast, the Edu Salon

Regular Features: Kolber’s Corner, Steven Kolber discusses using papercraft bingo as an approach to retrieval practice; Ideology in Education, Tom Mahoney discusses t curriculum as an inherrently ideological space.

Join our episode 200 Q&A at https://terpodcast.com/2022/06/14/join-our-episode-200-qa/


00:00:00 Opening Credits
00:01:31 Intro
00:04:12 Kolber’s Corner
00:11:13 Ideology in Education
00:18:22 Deb Netolicky – The Edu Salon Podcast
00:32:25 Feature Intro
00:34:30 Interview – Olivia Johnston
01:12:19 Patron Shout Outs
01:14:01 Announcements


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TER #179 – Teaching Social Responsibility with Jonathan Santo – 1 Sept 2021

Main Feature: Jonathan Santo discusses research into teaching children social responsibility as a way to reduce bullying behaviours in schools.

Regular Features: Kolber’s Corner, Steven Kolber considers criticism of NAPLAN and whther it sometimes strays into anti-intellectualism; Education in Ideology, Tom Mahoney introduces the new ongoing segment and considers some of the ideological implications of NAPLAN; Education in the News, Cameron explores some of the news stories regarding year 12 exams in response to COVID.

00:00 Opening Credits
01:31 Intro
03:34 Kolber’s Corner
13:33 Ideology in Education
25:50 Education in the News
40:12 Feature Introduction
42:36 Interview – Jonathan Santo
01:09:19 Sign Off

Steven Kolber on Twitter
–  Tom Mahoney on Twitter
Jonathan Santo’s profile at University of Nebraska
Teaching kids social responsibility on The Conversation
Reducing aggression in schools by teaching social responsibility
– Socially responsible children: A link between school climate and aggression and victimization

TER #178 – Kitchen Gardens with Josephene Duffy – 18 August 2021

Main Feature: Josephene Duffy, CEO of the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation, talks about the kitchen garden program in schools; the goals, methods, amd intended outcomes.

Regular Features: Kolber’s Corner – Steven Kolber discusses the challenges facing teachers who use social media; Ideology in Education – Tom Mahoney concludes the series with a consideration of what Ideology is, and how it affects teachers and teaching more broadly.

00:00 Opening Credits
01:31 Intro
11:03 Kolber’s Corner
20:22 Ideology in Education
35:56 Feature Intro
38:33 Feature Interview – Josephene Duffy01:03:49 SIgn Off

Steven Kolber on Twitter
Tom Mahoney on Twitter
Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation