TER #231 – Learning from the Past, Leading for the Future. ACEL National Conference – 11 Oct 2023

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The Australian Council for Educational Leaders is a not-for-profit organisation that actively supports the development of educational leadership capabilities. In 2023 ACEL celebrated their 50th anniversary, and the national conference had the theme Celebrating 50 years: Learning from the past, leading for the future, with a conference program that aimed to strike a balance between honouring the past by distilling key lessons learned, and focussing on the future, by examining the complexities and possibilities that lie ahead. In this extended episode you will hear from many of the keynote speakers, panellists, session presenters, special guests and more, as we dive into some of the research, ideas, hopes, and challenges facing educational leaders in Australian today.


00:00 Opening Credits
00:33 Intro
02:06 Acknowledgement of Country – Tammy Baart
03:23 Conference Showcase Introduction
04:49 50 years of Educational Leadership – Frank Crowther
22:06 NextGen – Keira Willis & George Higgins
37:02 Virtuous Leadership – Viviane Robinson
55:05 Leading for Teacher Retention – Fiona Longmuir
01:15:52 Coaching as a way of leading – Chris Munro
01:31:41 FutureSchool – Introduction
01:33:30 Emmanuel Catholic College – Paul Watson & Ernie Ayala
01:53:40 Katherine High School – Conor Fennell
02:10:06 Meaningful Meetings – Hugh Gundlach
02:23:54 Walking Together – Tammy Baart
02:42:16 AI in Education – Lauren Sayer
02:59:06 Changing the Digital Narrative – Luke Springer
03:15:56 Connect & Converse – Tania Leach
03:31:14 Conference Host – Sarah Kanowski
03:41:25 Closing Reflections – Briony Scott

TER #221 – Needs-Focused Teaching with Rob Plevin – 25 May 2023

Classroom management and student engagemement are perenial topics of interest in education. In this episode, Rob Plevin discusses how he addresses this issues through his Needs Focused teaching method.


Kolber’s Corner – Steven Kolber gives tech-tips on how to ensure resources match students’ reading age.

Steven Kolber on Twitter

Ideology in Education – Tom Mahoney discusses how the rise of AI exposes some of the ideoloogical assumptions of education and teaching practices.

Tom Mahoney on Twitter

Education in the News – Cameron dicusses a news story and academic paper on the financial issues affecting the teacher workforce.

‘We can no longer justify unpaid labour’: why uni students need to be paid for work placements

90 per cent of teachers can’t afford to live where they teach: study


00:00 Opening Credits
01:31 Intro
05:49 Kolber’s Corner
12:50 Ideology in Education
24:55 Education in the News
43:25 Feature Introduction
45:45 Interview – Rob Plevin
01:14:35 Patron Shout-Outs

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TER #218 – Literacy for Digital Futures – 14 April 2023

Main Feature: Kathy Mills, Len Unsworth, and Laura Scholes, authors of the book “Literacy for Digital Futures”, discuss how the concept of literacy has evolved in the 21st century, where digital technologies are increasingly integrated into our communication and daily lives. The book explores the idea that literacy is no longer just about print-based skills, but also involves knowledge of digital platforms and technologies, including coding and gaming.

Regular Features: Kolber’s Corner, Steven Kolber presents strategies for increasing productivity with easily accessible apps; Ideology in Education, Tom Mahoney continues his reflection on the ideologies underpinning the Science of Learning movement; Education in the News, Cameron reflects on the sudden announcement of the departure of the NSW Education Secretary.

00:00 Opening Credits
01:31 Intro
03:34 Kolber’s Corner
10:48 Ideology in Education
19:31 Education in the News
30:44 Feature introdcution
33:31 Interview – Literacy for Digital Futures
01:29:28 Patron Shout Outs

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Literacy for Digital Futures – full text
Kathy MIlls ACU profile
Len Unsworth ACU profile
Laura Scholes ACU profile

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TER #209 – Sublimes and Edu Policy with Pat Norman – 9 Nov 2022

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Main Feature: Pat Norman discusses his Sublimes Analysis of the Gonski 2 policy, and explains the sublimes analysis approach to understanding ed policy.

Regular Features: Kolber’s Corner. Stephen discusses the separation of digital personal and professional lives; Ideology in Education, Tom Mahoney considers ways teachers can question the ideologies at work in ed policy; Education in the News, Fiona Longmuir provides insight and response to the federal government’s draft workforcfe strategy.

00:00 Opening Credits
01:31 Intro
05:02 Kolber’s Corner
11:28 Ideology In Education
22:22 Education in the News
44:23 Feature Intro
45:36 Interview – Pat Norman
01:22:37 Patreon Shoutouts & Close

Steven Kolber on Twitter
Tom Mahoney on Twitter
– Fiona Longmuir: Jason Clare has a draft plan to fix the teacher shortage. What needs to stay and what should change?
– Pat Norman: Technology and aesthetics in school excellence policies: the case of Through Growth to Achievement

TER #200 – 9th Anniversary Q&A with Cameron Malcher and Steven Kolber – 6 July 2022

Main Feature: In this 9th Anniversary special, Cameron Malcher and Steven Kolber respond to questions from the TER Audience!

00:00 – Opening Credits
01:31 – Intro
04:41 – David Hardie – Music and Food!
08:04 – Mark Parry – Advice about podcasting
23:48 – Mark Parry – Reflecting on issues from TER #001
44:19 – Kelli McGraw – Analytics and the TER Audience
01:01:02 – Dick Faber – Teacher supply issues
01:09:47 – Mark Parry – Changes in Technology
01:22:49 – Olivier Elzingre – Victorian EBA
01:35:56 – Carolyn Newall – National Curriculum Issues
01:50:26 – Peter Gartside – Trends in Leadership Discourse in Education
02:07:59 – TER Top 5 to date
TER Topics – Ideology in Education
TER #180 – The Power of Play with Pasi Sahlberg – 15 Sept 2021
TER #182 – 2021 ACEL NSW Awards Showcase – 13 Oct 2021
TER #177 – The Act of Leadership with Dan Haesler – 04 Aug 2021
TER #181 – Productive Failure with Manu Kapur – 29 Sept 2021

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TER Topics – Teaching Thinking Skills


This TER Topics episode brings together feature interviews from episodes #35 and #51 of the TER Podcast.

The first interview is with Dr Steven Novella from November of 2014, discussing what critical thinking is, how to teach it, and the potential benefits to individuals and societies that value critical thinking. The second interview is with Meredith Ebbs from July of 2015 in which she talks about computational thinking and provides some insight into how it works as a teaching practice, as well as discussing issues of girls in STEM.

00:00 Opening Credits
00:34 Intro
02:05 Critical Thinking – Steven Novella
37:03 Computational Thinking – Meredith Ebbs
53:23 Sign off

TER Live – Teachmeet @ National Education Summit, Melbourne


In this TER Live special episode, we bring you a recording of the Teachmeet event held as part of the National Education Summit in Melbourne on 31 August, 2019. The Teachmeet was organised by Steven Kolber and Josh Velez.

00:00 Opening Credits
00:34 Intro
01:28 Steven Kolber – Global threats to teaching
09:58 Josh Velez – Student Voice in Inquiry
18:53 Carolyn Newall – Different platforms of Tech
25:28 Michelle Borderick – What makes good Maths GREAT
34:03 Lynne Telfer – Breaking the Blocks, Minecraft as a communication medium
46:01 Brandon Friedman – Students and sexting
59:43 James Tregonning – Reading Video Games
01:10:00 David Zyngier – What is student engagement? How do we make it happen?
01:21:02 Closing remarks

TER Topics – Computers in Education


This episode brings together feature interviews from episodes #58 and #85 of the TER Podcast.

The first interview is with Peter West, from TER #58 in November of 2015 discussing a whole school approach to Blended Learning, and the second is with Dr Simon Crook, from TER #85 in February of 2017, in which he discusses his PhD research into the impact of 1 to 1 laptop programs on teaching high school science.


00:00 Opening Credits
00:33 Intro
01:43 Interview – Peter West
44:02 Interview – Dr Simon Crook
01:21:01 Sign Off


TER #085 – 1to1 Laptops in Science with Simon Crook – 5 Feb 2017


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Main Feature: Simon Crook discusses his recent PhD thesis exploring the impact of 1-1 laptop programs on teaching high school science.

Regular Features: Off Campus, Dan Haesler asks ‘is mindset a lie’?; Education in the News, Cameron considers issues of teacher attrition; Teachers Brains Trust, David from WA questions reports of mandatory tests for WA primary school students.

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Timecodes & Links:

00.00 Opening Credits
01:19 Intro – A hot start to the year!
02:52 Off Campus – Is mindset a lie?

15:47 Teacher Attrition

42:17 Teachers Brains Trust – School Exams in WA

46:27 Feature Introduction
48:17 Interview – Simon Crook

1:25:15 Announcements

1:28:42 Quote & Sign Off