TER #026 – Positive Schools Conference – 29 June 2014

Main Feature: Cameron and Corinne report on the 2014 Positive Schools conference in Sydney with reports and interviews with organisers and presenters.

Regular Features: AITSL’s Teacher feature, teachers talk about their best professional development experiences; Off Campus, Dan questions teachers’ need to be constantly accessible; Education in the News, after a big fortnight of news stories, Cameron and Corinne discuss ideology in educational decision making; Mystery Educator competition.

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Time Codes

3:51 AITSL Teacher Feature: The importance of professional learning

7:00 Education in the News: Round up of Australian education news stories from the past fortnight

25:09 News discussion: Cameron and Corinne discuss some of the main stories in depth. This time focusing on funding for technology in WA, Pyne’s push for the reintroduction of Latin, and Pasi Sahlberg’s comments on excellence and equity in education.

34:21 Off Campus: Dan Haesler discusses the impact of teachers’ relationship with technology on their well being. Is 24/7 access good for our mental health?

41:10 Positive Schools conference introduction

43:00 Neil Porter, the chair of the Positive Schools conference speaks with Cameron about the history and aims of the conference.

53:07 Professor David Bennett talks with Corinne about the impact of our modern lifestyle on student wellbeing and how we as teachers can support young people in becoming resilient.

1:06 Professor Toni Noble speaks with Corinne about why schools need to take a whole school approach to positive education, how to teach resilience and about a number of programs and resources that are available to support schools in this work.

1:16:35 Charlie Scudamore, Vice Principal of Geelong Grammar, speaks with Cameron about how his school set about developing a whole school approach for positive education.

1:35:51 – Announcements

1:37:30 – Mystery Educator competition

1:39:17 – Quote and finish

TER #025 – EduTech 2014 – 15 June 2014

A Good school for every (2)

Main Feature: Cameron and Corinne report on their recent trip to Edutech in Brisbane, with interviews with organisers, presenters and attendees.

Regular Features: AITSL’s Teacher Feature, Teachers reflect on the role of professional relationships in their teaching; Education in the News, Cameron and Corinne discuss the impact of well-being in schools on educational attainment

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Time Codes:

  • 3:25 Aitsl Teacher Feature
  • 6: 23 Education in the news
  • 15:21 News discussion:
  • 27:50 Edutech- intro and overview
  • 32:54 Craig McFarlane
  • 39: 25 Suan Yeo
  • 46:25 Leigh Murphy
  • 51: 27 Rachel Guo
  • 56: 17 Peter West
  • 1: 05:19 Ewan McIntosh
  • 1: 12: 32 Dan Haesler
  • 1: 17: 23 Simon McKenzie
  • 1: 22: 20 Adam Spencer:
  • 1: 29: 26 Wrap up and information on future episodes
  • 1: 37: 19 Mystery Educator competition
  • 1: 38: 37 Announcements


EduTech Website
AITSL’s Teacher Feature can be found here.

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TER #024 – Project Based Learning with Laura McBain – 01 June 2014

Main Feature: Laura McBain from High Tech High talks about Project Based Learning

Regular Features: Education in the News; AITSL’s Teacher Feature, teachers talk about engaging and challenging their students; Off Campus, Dan Haesler talks about student voice and how schools engage with it; Mystery Educator competition.

Project Based Learning resources at High Tech High.

AITSL’s Teacher Feature can be found here.

‘Off Campus’ is produced by Dan Haesler.

Listen to our first TER Live event: BYOD Policy Forum.

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