TER #221 – Needs-Focused Teaching with Rob Plevin – 25 May 2023

Classroom management and student engagemement are perenial topics of interest in education. In this episode, Rob Plevin discusses how he addresses this issues through his Needs Focused teaching method.


Kolber’s Corner – Steven Kolber gives tech-tips on how to ensure resources match students’ reading age.

Steven Kolber on Twitter

Ideology in Education – Tom Mahoney discusses how the rise of AI exposes some of the ideoloogical assumptions of education and teaching practices.

Tom Mahoney on Twitter

Education in the News – Cameron dicusses a news story and academic paper on the financial issues affecting the teacher workforce.

‘We can no longer justify unpaid labour’: why uni students need to be paid for work placements

90 per cent of teachers can’t afford to live where they teach: study


00:00 Opening Credits
01:31 Intro
05:49 Kolber’s Corner
12:50 Ideology in Education
24:55 Education in the News
43:25 Feature Introduction
45:45 Interview – Rob Plevin
01:14:35 Patron Shout-Outs

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TER #220 – Concept Based Curriculum with Karen Yager – 11 May 2023

Main Feature: Karen Yager discusses teaching using concept based curriculum.

Regular Features: Kolber’s Corner – Steven reflects on why we don’t often promote teachers or teaching to the public; Ideology in Education, Tom Mahoney explores the ideooogy underpinning teacher workloads; Education in the News, Cameron discusses the recent federal budget, and the Price Waterhouse Coopers crisis as it may apply to education.

00:00 Opening Credits
01:31 Intro
04:22 Kolber’s Corner
12:19 Ideology in Education
23:09 Education in the News
42:32 Feature Introduction
45:50 Interview – Karen Yager
01:12:21 Sign Off

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