TER #183 – Mentoring, Coaching and Pracademia with Trista Hollweck – 27 Oct 2021

Main Feature: In a special feature edition of Kolber’s Corner, Steven Kolber speaks with Canadian educator Trista Hollweck, discussing mentoring and coaching in schools and the experience of being a ‘pracademic’.

Regular Features: Ideology in Education, Tom Mahoney expires the ideology underpinning our assumptions about education and work.

00:00 Opening Credits
01:31 Intro
11:28 Ideology in Education
– Tom Mahoney on Twitter
29:50 Feature Introduction
32:08 Feature – Kolber’s Corner – Trista Hollweck interview
 Steven Kolber on Twitter
Trista Hollweck’s website
01:31:24 SIgn Off

TER #182 – 2021 ACEL NSW Awards Showcase – 13 Oct 2021

Special Episode: Each year, the Australian Council for Educational Leaders recognises excellence and achievement in educational leadership in a range of categories. In this special showcase episode, a selection of award winners from the 2021 NSW ACEL branch awards discuss their work, and their hopes for the future of education in Australia.

00:00 Opening Credits
01:31 Kylie Lidscombe – Introduction
03:40 Rachel Wilson – Educational Research
18:41 Scott Eacott – Educational Research
33:26 Heaven Lee – Early Career Leadership
42:23 Olivia Philips – Early Career Leadership
54:08 Cameron Malcher – Media Award
01:09:31 Patrick Duignan – Paul Brock Medal
01:23:57 Pasi Sahlberg – Paul Brock Medal
01:39:15 Sign Off