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TER #192 – Leadership and School Culture with David Hopkins – 16 March 2022

00:00 Opening Credits
01:31 Intro
06:21 Kolber’s Corner
14:28 Ideology in Education
25:06 Feature Introduction
27:33 Interview – David Hopkins
01:17:08 Sign Off

– Tom Mahoney on Twitter
 Steven Kolber on Twitter
– David Hopkins’ Website
Curiosity and Powerful Learning with ACEL

TER #191 – Sexual Harrasment and Schools with Jane Wilkinson – 3 March 2022

Main Feature: Professor Jane Wilkinson discusses the issue of sexual harrasment as it relates to schools, and what schools can do to respond to the issues underpinning such behaviours.

Regular Features: Ideology in Education, Tom Mahoney contiunues his exploration of the impact of neoliberal polciies on teachers’ experiences; Kolber’s Corner, Steven Kolber reflects on the insularity of teachers and teaching; Education in the News, Cameron explores stories about teachers’ working conditions and mass resignations.


00:00 – Opening Credits
01:31 – Introduction
06:52 – Ideology in Education
19:48 – Kolber’s Corner
29:25 – Education in the News
49:57 – Feature Introduction
52:43 – Interview – Jane Wilkinson
1:50:19 – Announcements and Sign Off


– Tom Mahoney on Twitter
 Steven Kolber on Twitter
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Jane Wilkinson’s Profile