TER #219 – Choice and Fairness in Australian Schools with Chris Bonnor and Tom Greenwell – 27 April 2023

Main Feature: Ellen Koshland of the Australian Learning Lecture, and authors Chris Bonnor and Tom Greenwell discuss the recent report Choice and Fairness: a common framework for all Australian schools, which outlines a proposed model for funding Australkian schools that addresses the issues of equity and segregation that are identified as rivers of educational decline.

Regular Features: Kolber’s Corner, Steven Kolber invites teachers to consider their cultural backgroud and concepts of normalcy; Ideology in Education, Tom Mahoney considers the ideological foundation of the practices of standardisation in eucation.

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– The issue of increasing disruption in Australian school classrooms
– Choice and Fairness: A Common Framework for all Australian schools

0:00 Opening Credits
1:31 – Intro
9:44 – Kolber’s Corner
18:28 – Ideology in Education
30:17 – Feature Introduction
33:38 – Interview – Ellen Koshland
39:49 – Interview – Tom Greenwell & Chris Bonnor
1:21:13 – Patron Shout Outs and Close

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TER #218 – Literacy for Digital Futures – 14 April 2023

Main Feature: Kathy Mills, Len Unsworth, and Laura Scholes, authors of the book “Literacy for Digital Futures”, discuss how the concept of literacy has evolved in the 21st century, where digital technologies are increasingly integrated into our communication and daily lives. The book explores the idea that literacy is no longer just about print-based skills, but also involves knowledge of digital platforms and technologies, including coding and gaming.

Regular Features: Kolber’s Corner, Steven Kolber presents strategies for increasing productivity with easily accessible apps; Ideology in Education, Tom Mahoney continues his reflection on the ideologies underpinning the Science of Learning movement; Education in the News, Cameron reflects on the sudden announcement of the departure of the NSW Education Secretary.

00:00 Opening Credits
01:31 Intro
03:34 Kolber’s Corner
10:48 Ideology in Education
19:31 Education in the News
30:44 Feature introdcution
33:31 Interview – Literacy for Digital Futures
01:29:28 Patron Shout Outs

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Literacy for Digital Futures – full text
Kathy MIlls ACU profile
Len Unsworth ACU profile
Laura Scholes ACU profile

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