TER #220 – Concept Based Curriculum with Karen Yager – 11 May 2023

Main Feature: Karen Yager discusses teaching using concept based curriculum.

Regular Features: Kolber’s Corner – Steven reflects on why we don’t often promote teachers or teaching to the public; Ideology in Education, Tom Mahoney explores the ideooogy underpinning teacher workloads; Education in the News, Cameron discusses the recent federal budget, and the Price Waterhouse Coopers crisis as it may apply to education.

00:00 Opening Credits
01:31 Intro
04:22 Kolber’s Corner
12:19 Ideology in Education
23:09 Education in the News
42:32 Feature Introduction
45:50 Interview – Karen Yager
01:12:21 Sign Off

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TER #199 – Effects of Class Streaming with Olivia Johnston – 22 June 2022

Main Feature: Olivia Johnston discusses her research into student perceptions of the eperience of class streaming; Deb Netolicky talks about her new podcast, the Edu Salon

Regular Features: Kolber’s Corner, Steven Kolber discusses using papercraft bingo as an approach to retrieval practice; Ideology in Education, Tom Mahoney discusses t curriculum as an inherrently ideological space.

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00:00:00 Opening Credits
00:01:31 Intro
00:04:12 Kolber’s Corner
00:11:13 Ideology in Education
00:18:22 Deb Netolicky – The Edu Salon Podcast
00:32:25 Feature Intro
00:34:30 Interview – Olivia Johnston
01:12:19 Patron Shout Outs
01:14:01 Announcements


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