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TER #174 – Perceptions of Teachers with The Leadership Team – 23 June 2021

Main Feature: Amanda Heffernan and Fiona Longmuir discuss their research into the different perceptions of teachers and teaching held by the public and by those in the profession.

Regular Features: Kolber’s Korner, Steven Kolber discusses his recent experiences with the International Labor Organisation; Ideology in Education, Tom Mahoney discusses the student centred educational ideology.

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TER #168 – Student Evaluations with Troy Heffernen – 31 March 2021

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00:00 Opening Credits
01:31 Intro
02:44 Kolber’s Corner
Steven Kolber on Twitter
11:41 Federal Education Policy
Transcript – Alan Tudge’s March 11 Speech
Online Formative Assessment Initiative
27:37 Feature Introduction
29:44 Interview – Troy Heffernan
Troy Heffernan on Twitter
Troy Heffernan’s profile at LaTrobe University
57:19 Sign Off