TER Live – Teachmeet: Creating Curiosity

This episode presents Teachmeet; Creating Curiosity – part of the TM Melbourne Teachmeet series.

Presenters discuss ways to engage studnet curiosity and encourage creativity through STEM, inquiry and project based learning.

00:00 Opening Credits
00:00 Intro
02:48 01 Opening Remarks
08:30 02 Peter Murphy – An introduction to new national student design challenge TECx
14:12 03 David Roy – The problem with STEM and the Creative Arts
19:17 04 Michelle Dennis – Creative Storytelling with Adobe
27:47 05 Josh Velez – Share a minecraft project we did in 5-6 during remote learning
33:47 06 Catherine Royans – Cognitive load in the STEM classroom
36:09 07 Chris Harte – STEM plus Social Innovation plus Design Thinking as building blocks of learner creativity
42:28 08 Lisa Jacka – Virtual Worlds
48:31 09 Jess McCarthy – How to effectively facilitate inquiry learning to teach STEM while teaching online
55:07 10 Deb Corrigan – STEM’s importance, its role within schools and overcoming challenges.
01:02:56 11 David Jones – Content awareness in STEM planning -thinking interests and curiosity for girls
01:10:39 12 Tony Vallance – 8 minutes on ‘Integrating STEAM’ quick ideas for STEAM learning.
01:17:36 13 Closing Remarks
01:19:52 Acknowledgements and Sign Off

TER #155 – Attainment Grouping with Becky Taylor – 01 Sept 2020


Teachers Education Review · TER #155 – Attainment Grouping with Dr Becky Taylor – 01 Sept 2020

Main Feature: Dr. Becky Taylor discusses her research into attainment grouping pratices in schools and their impact on academic achievment and self confidence.

Regular Features: Steven Kolber explores the implications of different metaphors for learning.

00:00 Opening Credits
01:31 Intro
02:09 Kolber’s Corner
Steven Kolber on Twitter
10:28 Vale Sir Ken Robinson
Episode #110 – A conversation with Sir Ken Robinson
14:01 Feature Intro
16:00 Interview – Dr Becky Taylor
Dr Becky Taylor’s profile on UCL
48:32 Sign Off & Closing Credits

TER Teachmeet – What we’ve learnt so far

TERTM Learnt so far

Teachers Education Review · TER Live – Teachmeet. what we’ve learnt so far

In this 7th Anniversary episode, we present TER Teachmeet: What we’ve learnt so far. Educators reflect on their experiences and lessons learnt form the remote learning period of 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Timecodes and links:

00:00 Opening Credits
00:33 Intro
03:59 Steven Kolber – What I’ve Learnt
11:06 Ollie Lovell – What happens when we stop pushing?
13:12 Michael Jones – My Reflection
16:25 Heulwen Sweet – What I have learnt over the past 3 months
19:20 David Zyngier – What the Pandemic has taught us about disadvantage. And what we need to do to fix it.
27:39 Cameron Malcher – Unquestioned Assumptions
39:37 Monique Dali – PST and Mentoring
49:48 Olivier Elzingre – Language classes, what I’ve learned from recent events
57:46 David Hardie – Education Policy and Quantum Physics.
01:04:09 SIgn Off