TER #168 – Student Evaluations with Troy Heffernen – 31 March 2021

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00:00 Opening Credits
01:31 Intro
02:44 Kolber’s Corner
Steven Kolber on Twitter
11:41 Federal Education Policy
Transcript – Alan Tudge’s March 11 Speech
Online Formative Assessment Initiative
27:37 Feature Introduction
29:44 Interview – Troy Heffernan
Troy Heffernan on Twitter
Troy Heffernan’s profile at LaTrobe University
57:19 Sign Off

TER #165 – The Q Project – 17 Feb 2021


00:00 Opening Credits
01:31 Intro
04:22 Kolber’s Corner
20:35 Feature Inroduction
22:47 Interview – The Q Project
51:19 Sign Off


TER Topics – School Leadership

This TER Topics episode brings together feature interviews from episodes #147 and #156 of the TER Podcast. These features were recorded by The Leadership Team of Fiona Longmuir and Amanda Heffernan.

The first interview is with Scott Eacott from March of 2020, discussing High Impact Leadership. The second interview is with Andrew Pierpoint from September of 2020 in which he discusses lessons in leadership from his career as a school leader and advocate for school leaders.

00:00 Opening Credits
00:34 Intro
01:45 High Impact Leadership – Scott Eacott
30:12 Lessons in Leadership – Andrew Pierpoint
52:09 Sign off