TER #032 – Richard Gerver on Effective Educational Leadership – 5 Oct 2014

Main Feature: Cameron speaks with Richard Gerver, British educator, speaker and author of “Creating Tomorrow’s Schools, Today” about his experiences leading transformative change in a British public school.

Regular Features: Off Campus with Dan Haesler, Dan discusses his insights from his recent trip to SIngapore; Education in the News, global conflict affecting schools and the issue of teaching values and ethical issues in schools; AITSL’s Teacher Feature, teachers discuss the things they’d like to change about education; Mystery Educator Competition – new clue!

00:00 – Opening Credits

01:19 – Intro: World Teachers’ Day

05:26 – Off Campus with Dan Haesler: “Postcard from Singapore”

12:50 – Education in the News

30:36 – AITSL’s Teacher Feature

34:13 – Main Feature: Interview with Richard Gerver

01:30:18 – Mystery Educator Competition

01:31:11 – Announcements

01:32:14 – Quote and Sign off

TER #018 – 09 March 2014

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Main Feature: Interview with Dr. Lesley-Anne Ey on the influence of media and music videos on increased sexual behaviour in children at younger ages. Regular Features: AITSL’s Teacher Feature, Danielle Cavill & Emily O’Connor talk about student voice; Education in the News; Teachers’ Brains Trust, Danielle Vandenberg talks about her early experiences with the Flipped Classroom; Mystery Educator competition. Continue reading