TER #025 – EduTech 2014 – 15 June 2014

A Good school for every (2)

Main Feature: Cameron and Corinne report on their recent trip to Edutech in Brisbane, with interviews with organisers, presenters and attendees.

Regular Features: AITSL’s Teacher Feature, Teachers reflect on the role of professional relationships in their teaching; Education in the News, Cameron and Corinne discuss the impact of well-being in schools on educational attainment

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Time Codes:

  • 3:25 Aitsl Teacher Feature
  • 6: 23 Education in the news
  • 15:21 News discussion:
  • 27:50 Edutech- intro and overview
  • 32:54 Craig McFarlane
  • 39: 25 Suan Yeo
  • 46:25 Leigh Murphy
  • 51: 27 Rachel Guo
  • 56: 17 Peter West
  • 1: 05:19 Ewan McIntosh
  • 1: 12: 32 Dan Haesler
  • 1: 17: 23 Simon McKenzie
  • 1: 22: 20 Adam Spencer:
  • 1: 29: 26 Wrap up and information on future episodes
  • 1: 37: 19 Mystery Educator competition
  • 1: 38: 37 Announcements


EduTech Website
AITSL’s Teacher Feature can be found here.

Listen to our first TER Live event: BYOD Policy Forum.

TER #021 – 20 April 2014

Main Feature: Counsellor Louiza Hebhardt discusses teacher burnout, and strategies for teachers to maintain well-being and deal with the pressures of teaching.

Regular Features: AITSL’s teacher feature, teachers discuss what it means to be ‘Asia literate’; Off Campus, Dan Haesler talks about the need to focus on teacher well being as part of education; Teachers’ Brains Trust, Pip Cleaves models a leadership narrative while discussing creativity in education; Education in the News, Cameron and Corinne talk about workplace bullying and other recent news headlines; Mystery Educator competition, third and final clue!

Listen to our first TER Live event: BYOD Policy Forum.

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TER #015 – 26 Jan 2014 – Australian Curriculum Review

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In this episode we explore the proposed review of the Australian Curriculum, including the concerns raised about the review & the men appointed to lead it, the nature of the development of existing curriculum, and some of the concerns educators have with the curriculum. We interview Robyn Ewing from USYD, ACARA CEO Robert Randall & APPA Executive Stephen Breen. Also introducing a new segment with advice for teachers, and regular feature, ‘Off Campus’ with Dan Haesler. Continue reading

Episode #007 – 06 October 2013 – Engagement

In Ep. 07 we discuss the issue of engagement in education. What are the benefits to student learning, and what are some of the ways teachers can better engage students in their classes. We talk with educational consultant and writer Dan Haesler about the importance of engagement in the classroom. We also interview John Goh, principal of Merrylands East Public School about some of the whole-school approaches to engagement at his school.

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Episode #005 – 08 September 2013 – Connected Learning

In Episode 5 we discuss Connected Learning and its impact on teaching and teacher professional development, including interviews with Professor Alec Couros about the relationship between connectivity and teaching. We also speak to educator and writer Dan Haelser about the rise of BYOD policies in school as a way of providing access to technology and the internet for learning.

Alec Couros on Twitter – Dan Haesler’s website

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